Top Modern Microscope

07 May 2012 06:58
Dalarna University has put in a tender for a top modern auger electron microscope, a microscope that until now in Sweden has only been available to Chalmers in Gothenburg. The microscope will be used by both students and researchers, while also being used in work with industrial partners.

"The hope is that students will be able to  use the microscope for example when working on their degree projects at companies under direction of university researchers. In such a way, students get the chance to work with real projects for use in future working life," says Mikael Olsson, Professor of Material Science at Dalarna University.

Access to unique knowledge

At the same time, companies where degree projects are being carried out will have access to unique knowledge and resources that have a clear connection with the university.

The microscope will cost 8 million sek and is the only one of its kind in Sweden besides the similar one at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Today at Dalarna University, there is a similar instrument, but with its 20 years, it has now served its purpose.

In place by end of year

By the end of 2012, it is hoped that the new microscope will be in place in the university's lab in Borlänge. The purchase of the microscope has been made possible by means of funding from the university, Region Dalarna, which contributed with 5 million sek, and the fund Ljungbergsfonden, which contributed with 1 million sek.

The companies SSAB, Sandvik, Uddeholm, Seco Tools, Primateria, Materiex and SNA Europé are contributing altogether with just over 1.5 million sek.